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Learn English together with Teacher Eim and Teacher Mark. We want you to master your English grammar and to become a confident English speaker.

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We think English is Awesome Super Cool Fun !

Every day we have an opportunity to get better in English. We are still busy creating more content for our students and putting it on the website. For now you can check out our online courses, or for daily English follow us on our social media.

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Advice for Studying English

4: Set goals

3: Learn offline

1: Don't be afraid

2: Do this every day

Parts of Speech

In the English language words are grouped into different categories called Parts of Speech. For an overview of the 9 Parts of Speech click on the Study button below.

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Learn English Tenses. Master all of the 12 English Tenses

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Practice English Conversation for Beginners

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Master your English with extra English Grammar Tips

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